Where do we learn more: Onstage, or Behind the Scenes?

Noam Ebner- Students participating in simulation-games seem to learn a lot about negotiation, but we had the feeling that people writing simulation games (including ourselves) learned even more. We conducted several rounds of experiments aimed at exploring this notion – with some very surprising findings.

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Tom A. Kosakowski- The just-released issues of the Journal of International Ombudsman Association, looks at the concerns and challenges of solo Ombuds practice. (Many of the issues apply to other ADR sole practitioners.)  Editor, and solo practitioner himself, David Miller explains...

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Twitter Account Gets Mediator "Iced" from Case

Jeff Thompson- The story out of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services offers some caution to embracing technology.  One of FMCS mediators had to be removed from the NHL mediation session due to, according to an article...

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Cinnie Noble- Jumping to conclusions can easily cause or perpetuate a conflict situation. This idiom – jumping to conclusions – refers to a tendency to assume something as negative when there is not necessarily a reason to do so. Conclusions may be about another person’s character, motives, attitude, and rationale. This sort of thinking may come from the habitual inclination to think the worst, to not trust ourselves or others, to let our insecurities and fears take over, and so on.

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December 4th :   Family Holiday Conflict - Getting Ready for the Holidays

                             Guest:  Donna Tuites

December 11th:   Mindful Listening in the Age of Distraction

                              Guest:  Rebecca Shafir

December 18th:  Stress Reduction Using EFT – At Work or Home

                             Guest:  Brady Mikusko

December 25th:  Transforming Conflict Through Forgiveness

                             Guests:  Eileen Barker

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Job Posting: Assistant Ombuds at UC Santa Barbara


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