Discussion Forum: ODR Related Product Developments, Innovations, and Ideas

Discussion Forum: ODR Related Product Developments, Innovations, and Ideas

This forum is intended to encourage the sharing of ODR related product developments, innovations, and ideas. We also invite discussion regarding general trends about ODR that may not be included in the rest of the forum discussions. Please post or embed a link to any file you would like included in the forum reply box below.



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Picture It Settled® is predictive analytics for negotiation. The software uses neural networks to predict what an opponent will do, saving time and money.  It guides decision-makers by quickly modeling anticipated reactions based on deep data from thousands of cases.  Users benefit from three key features: scenario planning, negotiation move planning, and offer projections.  Picture It Settled® contains security levels equal to those used to protect health and financial records.

Video Introduction

Case Studies


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Thank you Don!

It would be great if anyone who tried it out during Cyberweek had time to check back in here, and share their experience briefly.

Hello Don,

Interesting software, it sounds like you are involved with cutting edge technology in the ADR field. Would you have any recommendations of a case management software for a ADR program? Feel free to email me directly.

Thank you - Angela

Hi all,

A few words on the idea behind this forum:

As we put together the Cyberweek program each year, we are very aware that we are only seeing a part of the picture. There are so many developments in the works out there - far more than could ever be accommodated in the framework of a one-week conference. How to collect, curate and share that?

In addition - to develop as a field, ODR needs open stages and inclusiveness, rather than constraints and limitations. Every time we consider whether something might not be entirely suitable for the Cyberweek program, we are concerned that this very act is constraining the field, rather than spotlighting, celebrating and developing it, as Cyberweek is intended to do.

So, we've decided to create a venue for open, freestyle presentation. Working on a new ODR idea that you want to share? Post about it in this forum, in any format you wish (write about it in text, upload a presentation, record a video-talk on it - whatever you like). Looking for partners for a new research project? Considering the feasibility of a new ODR initiative? Share details here.

Invite others to weigh in on your post - and see what the ODR community has to say about it!

I look forward to seeing the new ODR ideas people are working on.


HI Everyone

You are invited to participate in a virtual legal hackathon to support legal aid in the US.  http://www.techforjustice.org/legal-justice-hackathon/  

This hackathon has one major purpose and a corollary which will benefit the entire ODR field.  Most importantly, you will help legal aid by working on projects that will give legal aid the tech support it needs to move many of its cases to resolution.  The ODR field has a lot to offer justice and here is a chance to jump in.  Please know that we REALLY need your help.

The corollary is that IBO (www.internetbar.org) is in the midst of a project to develop a national ODR system for legal aid.  By joining in NOW, you can be at the beginning of the movement. Any questions?? jeffaresty@internetbar.org (that's me)   Thank you!!

Hey Jeff - this is AWESOME !!!  Let me know if I can help with anything.  I hope you guys are doing great !!

HI Heather

Great to hear from you too -   follow these instructions after you sign up.  Signing up just gives our moderator, Christy Leos, your name so that she knows you belong.  Then let me know what you want to work on so we can organize a team together!

How do we work together on projects? 
– For starters, visit the problem set and current list of project ideas and find one that you want to work on (start gathering info and planning in the comments now). Then, send a Slack Invite request to christy@internetbar.org to start talking to other participants and forming your teams. Once you’re in Slack, you can create a channel for your team and start working together. Finally, on the day of the hackathon, post your project on hackathon.io.

Great idea, Noam.  There's so much going on it's hard to keep track!

One very cool innovation I'd like to make sure everyone knows about is OTTER, ODR for kids:



I'm also really interested in the brav platform, which is being featured during Cyberweek: http://www.brav.org/ -- quite a different approach than has traditionally been taken in dispute resolution.

You might also want to check out http://www.guidedresolution.com.au/ -- Ross is working with ODR training programs and law schools, so reach out to him if you want a demo.

Can't wait to see others people have heard about!


Just so much going on, isn't there? Good times :-)

Do you know who's behind Otter?

Noam- its at www.otterkids.com


Its run by Alec Go and and Kelly Sorbera

Thanks Graham!

We are working with Alec and Kelly to reach out to the Houston schools to test Otter in the most cross-cultural city in the US!


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