Discussion Forum: ODR Related Product Developments, Innovations, and Ideas

Discussion Forum: ODR Related Product Developments, Innovations, and Ideas

This forum is intended to encourage the sharing of ODR related product developments, innovations, and ideas. We also invite discussion regarding general trends about ODR that may not be included in the rest of the forum discussions. Please post or embed a link to any file you would like included in the forum reply box below.



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Hi all,

I am happy to join in and share with you an upcoming product. The future is here.

My company, Caroami, is an Angel-funded SaaS platform that uses a self-moderated, AI-driven mobile app to help resolve interpersonal conflicts among freshmen and other students living in dorms. Our Conflict Resolution tool and modules can be tailored to the needs of the client, colleges, and universities. This is a tool that supports good faith efforts in promoting safety and engaging digital natives in productive conversations by offering them an efficient and easy to use digital solution to student’s interpersonal conflict, another vehicle to improve student life and the freshman experience.

Excited about our upcoming beta launch in Southern California, we are also going to invite 3 more institutions to beta test our product to make sure we can standardize the responses for the Artificial Intelligence bot. In two weeks we will be ready to deploy the initial test software and in early January we will launch it in the other institutions. We will need a minimum of 500 dorm students from each institution, preferably freshmen.

Our product launch is expected in early February 2017, depending on how soon we receive our second round of seed investment, complete our beta testing, and design and develop our marketing campaign.

Feel free to reach me at conchita@post.harvard.edu for more information.

This is very exciting. It seems to me, that products tailored to dorm environments can later on be developed into tools suitable for other communities. Good luck with your launch and please keep us posted!

Thank you, Noam, I agree with your comment. It is versatile and can have multiple applications. This is all very exciting!

Peter Coleman from Columbia University (a student and colleague of the great scholar Morton Deutsch) recently released an app called Making Conflict Work for ios and android based on ideas from his book Making Conflict Work. It provides a way for a person to do some strategic situation assessment related to some common factors in workplace conflicts, getting some online coaching as feedback. Here's the main factors being considered.

  • What are the power dynamics like?
  • What’s important to you? Them?
  • How do your goals overlap or diverge?

It seems like online conflict coaching apps is something the field should be primed for, yes? But how can we get them in front of people when they need them most?

Thanks Bill!

Is anyone else familiar with other conflict-coaching apps? Or, negotiation-preparation apps (Don has introduced Picture it Settled at the top of the forum. Others?)?

I believe it comes down to two things (1) marketing and (2) redefining the expectations of using apps.

The marketing should advertise the app in such a way that it is familiar with all audiences. Meaning, compare the app to other sensitive apps that everyone is now using but may have several years ago been afraid. For example, how many of us thought having an app for online banking was too risky? Now you can literally take a picture of a check to deposit into your bank account, among doing other things.

With the second, I don't see apps as being able to resolve the dispute because you do not have anyone to actively listen to the person. To say that it is a possibility I think is not a good expectation and promotes further hesitations. Instead, the expectation should be redefined that helps prevent the conflict from escalating by pausing the current state of interaction among the parties instantly without the need to go to a website and/or schedule an online mediation. I also think redefining the expectation that the app is to assist the parties to better understand the dispute, which can help them reach the appropriate ODR professional.

With regard to the Making Conflict Work, have you or know of any organization that has used this particular app and what was the experience? Despite all of the ODR tools out there, I still find it difficult to timely address the conflict with my federal agency that expands seven different regions in the US.

Thank you - Angela

I mentioned to Bryan that I have issued a special discount coupon for www.ODRTraining.com and he invited me to post details in this section

The coupon codes (entered after you register at The Mediation Room school - where you can see the full set of modules - and select  one of the three options - are

3B1BE5W33K when selecting 'Live!' level whereupon the fee will be reduced from £950 to £475 or

FO1BE5W33K when selecting 'Foundation' level  whereon the fee will be reduced from £350 to £175

Click on 'redeem coupon' in the section where it seeks payment.  

These are only available until Sunday.

The course will grow continually as will the subject matter.If anyone here wishes to join the team to present a live masterclass and their own video and contribute to the library then drop me a line. Contributors gain full access at no charge. I am also uploading video demos of existing ODR products so please let me know of any new ones you come across.

Thank you Graham! Good luck with the course.

One final reminder for all of you who want to participate in a virtual legal hackathon -where apps come alive and then move to the legal aid marketplace for testing

HI Everyone

You are invited to participate in a virtual legal hackathon to support legal aid in the US.  http://www.techforjustice.org/legal-justice-hackathon/  

This hackathon has one major purpose and a corollary which will benefit the entire ODR field.  Most importantly, you will help legal aid by working on projects that will give legal aid the tech support it needs to move many of its cases to resolution.  The ODR field has a lot to offer justice and here is a chance to jump in.  Please know that we REALLY need your help.

The corollary is that IBO (www.internetbar.org) is in the midst of a project to develop a national ODR system for legal aid.  By joining in NOW, you can be at the beginning of the movement. Any questions?? jeffaresty@internetbar.org (that's me)   Thank you!!

I want to thank everyone who participated in this forum - I'm sure many folks will continue to visit it over time and read about your initiatives. Feel free to update your posts as you develop these initiatives! I look forward to hearing more about all these projects.

Take good care - Noam


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