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College of Commercial Arbitrators Honored for Protocols

- The College of…


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Updated Book Highlights Organizational Role of Ombuds

James T. Ziegenfuss, Jr., and Patricia O’Rourke have published a revised edition of their book, The Ombudsman Handbook: Designing and Managing an Effective Problem-Solving Program. The publisher's blurb says that the book, "presents the ombudsman in concept and in practice, offering full design and operational details from start-up to key activities and roles, as well as the benefits for the top executives, the employees and the…

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California Pharmacists Association Creates Statewide ADR Program for Pharmacist Employees

CPhA has announced the creation of Ombuds program for employee pharmacists throughout the state. The CPhA Ombuds Employee Pharmacist Resource Program will provide serve as a resource for workplace issues such as lack of breaks, prescription quotas, or pressures to avoid counseling. CPhA CEO Jon Roth explained, “CPhA has struggled for years to create value for these pharmacists. This program will help them be better practitioners and…

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Become a Soliya Facilitator Now!

Soliya, a non-profit organization using a custom-made web-conferencing application to facilitate dialogue between students from diverse backgrounds across the globe, is now recruiting skilled volunteers to facilitate its Connect Program for the Fall 2011 semester!…


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Solutions for the Benefit of All

A critical step in the mediation process is to explore options and find solutions to the conflict or dispute. The possible solutions depend on how the mediator and the participants approach this step of the process.  Further, I have noticed that there are parallels between the solution seeking approaches in mediation…


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What's Happening- 01.11.11

Podcast Series Episode #14:… Continue

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New Years Resolution

After going through six family Christmas gatherings and a new years party with friends, I began to realize that I say the same thing...alot. Sometimes they are cliches while other sayings are my own. Even at work, every customer that leaves is left with a "have a good one." It seems that when I think about what I am saying, I can easily pick the words that show empathy and care. However, it is the times that are habitual that I easily slip back to the generic unconcerned conversation. My…


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ADRhub Podcast #14- Conflict Coaching With Cinnie Noble

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Episode #14

Conflict Coaching With Cinnie Noble




Join host Jeff Thompson and internationally known conflict coach and trainer…


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Fairly Legal and ADR Publicity

I've been watching the discussion on Fairly Legal with some interest and as a PR professional and ex-journalist, I can definitively say that this show will be good for ADR visibility. The simple truth is, mediators should be rock stars in modern American society, but they aren't because nobody knows they exist. If nothing else, the…

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Collaborative Governance

Collaborative governance is a type of governance process that ensures that those people who have interests in the public policy issue are directly involved in a way which allows for them to provide input and recommendations.…


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The "value" of language


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What's Happening- 01.04.11

Mindful Children Creating Peace

Lynsee Swisher- As I was doing some research about peer mediation, I came across an article about Jackson Elementary in… Continue

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Beating Skeptics

Originally posted at www.EnjoyMediation.com

Ever find yourself explaining the mediation, conflict coaching or ombuds process to people who seem to be skeptical of the process?

Okay, if you said… Continue

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Mindful Children creating Peace


As I was doing some research about peer mediation, I came across an article about Jackson Elementary in Mineola, NY. Milissa Seymour is one of the teacher's who has introduced a variety of concepts into the school to help promote peace.

Grade by grade, they teach different skills like peer mediation, negotiating, and conflict resolution. Learning these skills at such a young age, may potentially ensure that these are life long

tools that these children will carry into…


Added by Lynsee Swisher on January 1, 2011 at 6:30pm — 1 Comment

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