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Nonverbal Communication Tweets Of The Week

Originally posted at www.NonverbalPhd.com

For those interested in nonverbal communication (body language, gestures, appearance, semiotics, voice tone, touch, etc.) both from a research and academic perspective or if you have just a 'casual' interest in the subject, I thought I…


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Skilled Construction and Real Estate Neutral Eleissa C. Lavelle, Esq. Joins JAMS

JAMS, the largest private provider of mediation and arbitration services worldwide, today announced the addition of Eleissa C. Lavelle, Esq. to its panel. Ms. Lavelle will be based in the JAMS Las Vegas Resolution Center and will serve as an arbitrator and mediator for disputes in a variety of areas including Business/Commercial, Construction and Real Estate.


Before joining JAMS, Ms. Lavelle was a partner at Duane Morris where she represented owners, financial institutions,…


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It often happens that the more positional we are about an issue in dispute, the more stuck we are about discussing the matter – much less reconciling matters. Our ability to negotiate, discuss and make amends deteriorates at these times and the other person may dig in his or her shoes in response to us. Or, he or she may have been the one to take a stand in the first place and our reaction contributes to the discord.

We get stuck for many reasons, depending on things like what the…


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A Manager's Dilemma: How do YOU figure out what's wrong in the office?

Listen by clicking on the player below.

Front-line managers to CEOs are all asked to put out fires and fix problems. Stephen Kotev, my guest co-host and I will discuss a simple way to determine what is going wrong in the workplace. We will focus on what managers can do to unravel their problems and understand new ways of breaking down issues into resolvable segments. We will review 5 areas that are the most common root causes to conflict.…


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What's Happening [01.17.12]

Remembering Ray Shonholtz…


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Many of us think we have to win disagreements – that we have to be and be seen as right and that the other person is wrong and has to concede to our viewpoint.  The competitive underpinnings to this approach set up a win-lose scenario and this isn’t usually an optimum way for reconciling conflict differences.


In some cases, agreeing to disagree may be a good outcome. However, for some of us that doesn’t quite work. The reality is, our view of rightness does not have to…


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Myth #2: There's no time!

(Originally posted at SocialMedi8r.com)

Let me guess, you run your own company, you do the books, the marketing, the administrative work, and you have to actually do your job on top of that.  You have your social life, your home life, and you're in charge of walking the dog.  You think to yourself regularly, "Man...I wish…


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Time, Mediation, Negotiation & Conflict Resolution

Time's Role In Mediation, Negotiation & Conflict Resolution

Time often plays a crucial role in mediations, negotiations, conflict coaching, and other conflict related situations.  Aside of the obvious billable rate per hour, there are various subtle yet important ways TIMEfactors into the work we do as professionals assisting those in…

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Name Calling - When Will It Stop?

Listen below by clicking on the player below.

Robert Fulghum, an American author, is quoted as saying "Sticks and stones will break our bones, but words will break our hearts" not to mention our spirits. Name calling, mudslinging, defaming and insulting words are all about impulsively responding to someone or something that is a threat to the beliefs, values or attitudes we hold dear. We learn it as kids as way to protect ourselves and to hurt others…


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Remembering Ray Shonholtz

This week we lost a great peacebuilding visionary and pioneer, Raymond Shonholtz.  I, along with many others, lost a friend, teacher, partner and mentor. As founder of Community Boards, Ray practically invented the modern community mediation center --  transforming the idea from a quasi-court apparatus to full-service hub for…


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Canadian Same-Sex Marriages of Non-Residents May be in Doubt

(Originally published in dialogicmediation.com)

In responding to a court application for divorce of a same-sex couple married in Canada, a federal government lawyer has taken the position:

  1. Non-resident couples who marry in Canada "must live in the…

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When other people provoke us, our perceptions of what is happening sometimes tends to be distorted. Typically, the more egregious the exchange and the angrier we become, the more negative our perspectives are. It seems that once we are irritated by another person and especially if our feelings grow with repeated interactions, it is challenging to disabuse ourselves of the assumptions about the other person and his or her motives. What also happens in many cases is that we get stuck in our…


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Veteran King & Spalding Lawyer Ralph B. Levy, Esq. Joins JAMS in Atlanta

JAMS, the largest private provider of mediation and arbitration services worldwide, today announced the addition of Ralph B. Levy, Esq. to its panel. Mr. Levy will be based in the JAMS Atlanta Resolution Center. He will serve as an arbitrator, mediator and special master for disputes in a variety of areas including Accounting/Finance, Banking, Bankruptcy, Business/Commercial, Insurance, Professional Liability, Real Property and Securities.


Mr. Levy joins JAMS after nearly 40…


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Call for Nominations: NAFCM Board of Directors

The NAFCM Board of Directors is pleased to announce its 2012 Call for Nominations!
NAFCM is seeking candidates from all walks and geographies with a passion for helping those in conflict. Elected nominees will join a stellar class of returning Board members, and help influence the exciting future of…

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It is strange to imagine what we look like when we are in conflict. We don’t get to be a spectator and observe ourselves, though on reflection we may be able to describe our demeanour, the look on our face, or how we acted at these times. Thinking about all this inspired some questions for this week’s blog. I began thinking that an interesting way of examining how we engage in conflict is to consider if we are able to ‘see’ ourselves through someone else’s eyes. This is not only how we look…


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3 Things I learned in 2011

There are a lot of resolutions going around at this time of year, there is also a lot of reflection and learning happening as well.  This year has been an awesome (and I don't use that word lightly!) and many, many things have happened. Some extremely joyful, others extremely sad...either way they have stretched me, taught me new things, and made me a better person. Here is a quick snapshot (in no specific order): My son turned 1, grew a business, quit my day-job, wife returned to work, my…


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Nonverbal Communication & Mediation Radio Interview

I invite everyone to listen to a recent segment I participated in on Nicole Dyer's radio show on ABC Gold Coast radio.  I discuss the importance of nonverbal communication in various settings including mediations and negotiations.  This includes how important rapport is and specific nonverbal gestures that are associated with…


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Sowing the Seeds of Collaborative Governance


Sowing the Seeds of Collaborative…


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